Own Your Brand.

- 6:03 am - October 15th, 2013

Own Your Brand.

October 15, 2013 at 6:03 AM


Do you own your brand?

This is only part of the Terms and Conditions about use of the designs on Australias most popular online printing company. I have taken out the name of the company for obvious purposes but I know many of you could fill in the blanks.

The logo design tools provided on this Site employ a limited number of elements, including icons, fonts, colour schemes, and design effects. _________reserves the right to use all such elements and to make all such elements available for use by other parties in the future. You do not obtain any right or claim to any of the individual logo design elements through your creation of a logo design and/or your incorporation of a logo design into one or more products. Other ________ customers may use the design tools to create logos that have similar or identical combinations of these elements and _______ does not guarantee that your logo will not have similarities to logos designed and used by other parties. _______ provides no warranty of any kind that logo designs created using the design tools will not infringe, or be subject to a claim of infringing, the trademark or other rights of another party. It is solely your responsibility to obtain the advice of an attorney regarding whether the logo design is legally available for your use and does not infringe the rights of another party.

Branding is about much more than the name of your business or a logo design, but thats for another post.

Think carefully about how you want to brand your business, do you own the design or is there someone out there that could have the same brand as you?
If you want to give your business the customised identity that it deserves, think carefully about using any online template based printing company. It may be a "cheap" alternative but you may be sacrificing the one thing that makes you unique.

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