Logo Design & Branding - BUYER BEWARE

- 10:12 am - September 9th, 2015

This has been a contentious issue on social media forums and with the rise in popularity of design services like Fiverr and other offshore outsourcing services it's time for some insights.

With cheap alternatives tempting business owners to cut corners with their branding I thought it was time to shed some light on some risky and unethical practices you are probably oblivious to that are happening in the local and offshore design industry. Practices including breaches of IP (intellectual Property) offshore outsourcing, logo recycling and misleading conduct.When sourcing your branding it pays to do your research, invest a little time and ask some questions. It pays to get it done right the first time if you plan to commit to your business. You don't want to be stuck with a quick fix solution that has limited applications and may be used elsewhere by others, not being custom made to you. 

Its alarming that some Australian companies offering logo design packages are outsourcing to the cheap offshore design sources for what you think is a custom made, locally designed, logo. I know of one particular local promotions company doing such things, and I am sure it's quite common. Online services that offer logo/branding packages can often be doing the same thing, sending your design to offshore design sweatshops and paying minimal for the designs that could be recycled or copied and pocketing the rest. Online logo design services may also only be posing as Australian being based elsewhere. A good indication of this type of practise is ridiculously low prices compared to what else is on the market locally. 

We all know the saying "You get what you pay for" well, what are you getting?
A JPEG or PNG logo with clip art and text is probably what you may get from the cheaper services like Fiverr. This is not a custom logo and has limited reproduction capabilities and a somewhat limited life. It is imperative that you are supplied with all vector files for the logo to be reproduced easily on all mediums.

To avoid this type of risk approaching a local designer that does all the designs themselves and can show you the processes behind it you can be sure that your branding is unique to you. A style guide also may be included in the package for a local designer which will serve as a guide as to best uses for your branding.Impressions Design is proudly Australian doing all designs in house and using all Australian suppliers, keeping your investment local.

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