about us


Originally Established in Geelong in 1997 as Mouse Matt Creations, IMPRESSIONS Design & Print has been providing graphic design and print support for local, national and international clientele spanning over 15 years.

IMPRESSIONS has strong belief in the support for local businesses and helping to keep the local economy alive. Establishing and growing a caring partnership with you is our main priority and our specialty is small businesses just like yours. We understand your struggles and listen to your concerns and ideas, working to enhance those ideas and bringing them to life.


Impressions is born of heart and soul, a passion for anything print and a creative flair to match. Impressions originated from a young man with a burning creative passion and a small converted garage print shop in the middle of Geelong city centre back in 1996. After finishing a degree in Arts at Deakin University and studying music and drama at TAFE in Ballarat I was at a loss for expressing myself creatively. Somewhat hidden to me a local printer must have seen some natural design talent and creative flair and decided that he would be kind of a mentor to me and took me under his wing. During these years of failure and victory I conquered many obstacles and learnt many of the ropes of the print design industry. Full colour work was scarce at the time so most of the jobs worked on were monotonous boring mono or two tone artwork, invoice books, quotation books, letterheads, business cards, wedding invitations etc. In 1997 whilst still working in the print shop, I registered my first business Mouse Matt Creations, a name I derived from my name, Matt, and the mouse and mat I create my designs with.

For many years we worked on various projects in the print shop learning the ropes of print design and basic printing practices. The biggest learning curve, though,  came in 2004 when I was given the responsibility of putting the local Football Geelong, GFL and BFL football and Netball records together. I am proud to say that I single handedly built all the templates for the layout, the covers, the advertising, the football team lineups, and the ladders for that whole football season, week after week. This was the biggest project up until then that I had ever had to deal with and also when he learnt the most. Many big mistakes were made, being thrown in the deep end with no support, but many triumphs were also taken as skills were honed and many new skills learnt. Many all-nighters were endured just to get the records published in time. The crowning feather in the hat for that same year was the annual Football Geelong report.  I had tackled an unknown beast and despite pitfalls and many mistakes, in the end had conquered it.

I got married the year before in 2003 and with this came new responsibilities. More work was being done from home and after 2004, because of various surrounding influences, Mouse Matt Creations permanently moved to a home office. By this stage more exciting colour work opportunities were coming up and the business has grown a very loyal customer base over the years since. 


2012 was a year of reflection and positive change for Mouse Matt Creations. Although Mouse Matt Creations was, what I thought at the time, a clever name, it still bewilders many and I still get asked if I do mouse mats. It has always been a bit of a struggle with trying to explain what I do and I thought that it may be time for a rebranding.

Hence the name change to IMPRESSIONS Design and Print, a step upward and forward for the business, reflecting our business objective, with a less ambiguous business brand.

Impressions is not only about making an impression, although this is our main goal, it is also a printing term.

The press, in green, although provides a subtle hint to the printing press. Impressions can be many things to many people, as long as it leaves a good impression.